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  •  [Jiangsu,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Markets: Americas , Asia , Europe
  • Exporter:91% - 100%
  • Certs:ISO9001, CE, Test Report
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About Us

Nanjing Weiss Mechanical Electrical Co Ltd Subsidiary of Weiss Machinery Co Ltd Established in 2008 Located in Nanjing Riverside Economic Development Zone Covers area of 22620 square meters Has 17000 square meters of modern workshop and office facilities Specialized in R D and manufacture of various lines of metal cutting machine tools including Lathe Drilling and Milling Machines CNC machines etc WE SUPPLY MACHINE TOOLS OF THE BEST QUALITY ONLY We have built up our international sales network scattering all around the world At present we have long lasting business partners in more than 60 countries such as USA UK Germany France Russia Australia South Africa Brazil and South Arabia With...

Categories and Products

CNC Machine

CNC Mill

CNC MILL WMD30-CNC Spindle taper BT30 or R8 

CNC Lathe

CNC LATHE CL400 CL460 CL500 CNC LATHE CL530 CL560 CL660 CNC LATHE CL910 CL1000 CL1100 CNC LATHE CLC15 CLC15B CNC LATHE CLC25 CLC25H CNC LATHE CSL20A CSL20B CNC LATHE Solid hydraulic chuck CNC LATHE Hollowed hydraulic chuck CSL35 CNC LATHE WL250 280 300 CNC LATHE MACHINE WL320 

CNC Vertical Lathe

CNC Vertical Lathe CVL460 650 850 CNC Vertical Lathe CVL460/650/850 

Machining Center

E6 CNC ENGRAVING AND MILLING MACHINE Vertical Machine T5 CNC TAPPING CENTER Vertical Machine Center V5 V5L Vertical Machine Center Ethernet and CF Card interface Vertical Machine Center V8 V8L V9 CNC Vertical Lathe V10 Automatic lubrication system Vertical Machine Center V11 V11L Vertical Machine Center V13 V15 Vertical Machine Center V16 V18 

Lathe Machine

Variable Speed Lathe

Variable speed lathe WM180V Variable speed lathe WM210V Distance between centers 400mm Variable speed lathe WM210V-G Variable speed lathe WM240V Variable speed lathe WM250AV-F Variable speed lathe WM250V Variable speed lathe WM250V-F Variable speed lathe WM280V Variable speed lathe WM280V-F Variable speed lathe WM290V Distance between centers Variable speed lathe WM290V 

Bench Lathe

Bench lathe WL200 Swing over bed 200 mm Bench lathe WL250 Distance between centers 450/700 mm Bench lathe WL320G Distance between centers 600/750mm Bench lathe WL6133A Swing over bed 330 mm Bench lathe WM240 Swing over bed 250mm Bench lathe WM250 Width of bed 135 mm Bench lathe WM250-F Spindle bore 26 mm Bench lathe WM250A-F MT4 Bench lathe WM250G Swing over bed 250mm Bench lathe WM280 Swing over bed 280 mm Bench lathe WM280-F Swing over bed Bench lathe WM280G Swing over bed 280mm Bench lathe WM290 Spindle bore 38 mm Bench lathe WM290-F MT5 Brushless lathe series WBL250 

Engine Lathe

Engine lathe WL300 Swing over bed 300 mm Engine lathe WL300A Spindle taper MT5 Engine lathe WL330 Spindle bore MT5 Engine lathe WL330B Swing over bed 330mm Engine lathe WL330BV Taper of spindle bore Engine lathe WL330D WL360D Swing over bed 330 mm Engine lathe WL400A 600A 400B 600B Engine lathe WL410/460 WL460D Engine lathe WL410E Spindle bore Φ52 mm Engine lathe WL510 WL560 Engine lathe WL600C WL660C WL800C Engine lathe WL660 WL800 Range of cross feeds Engine lathe WM360 Distance between centers 1000 mm Engine lathe WM360A Swing over bed 356mm Engine lathe WM360B Swing over bed 410mm Engine lathe WM410 WM460 Engine lathe WM410A WM460A Engine lathe WM500 Swing over bed 500mm Engine lathe Motor WM500B Engine lathe WM660 Swing over bed 660mm 

Heavy Duty Lathe

Heavey duty lathe WL630 WL1200 Heavey duty lathe WL1000E WL1600E Heavey duty lathe WL1260S WL2060S Heavey duty lathe WL1280T WL2080T Heavey duty lathe WL1600D/WL2500D Heavey duty lathe WM630 WM1200 Heavey duty lathe WM800C 850D 1000D 1000B 

Combination Lathe

Combination lathe WFP290V-F Swing over bed 280 mm Combination lathe WLM250 Swing over bed Combination lathe WLM250V Swing over bed 250 mm Combination lathe WLM300 Swing over bed 300 mm Combination lathe spindle MT4 WLM500 Combination lathe WMP250V MT4 spindlle Combination lathe WMP280V spindle MT4 Combination lathe WMP280V-F Combination lathe WMP290V-F Spindle 38mm 

Brushless Lathe Series

Brushless lathe series WBL180 Brushless lathe series WBL210 Brushless lathe series WBL210 Brushless lathe series WBL250-F Brushless lathe series WBL280 Variable speed lathe WBL1835 

Milling Machine

Universal Milling Machine

Universal Milling Machine WM6326 Universal Milling Machine WM6332 Universal Milling Machine WM6336 Universal Milling Machine WM6350 Universal Milling Machine WM6350F (M1256 M1257) Universal Milling Machine WM6350F(M1254 M1255) Universal Milling Machine WM6432 Universal Milling Machine WM6436 Universal Milling Machine WM7550 Universal Milling Machine WUM26 Universal Milling Machine WUM30 WUM30V Universal Milling Machine WUM32 Universal Milling Machine WUM100 Universal Milling Machine WUM7550 

Knee-type Milling Machine

Knee-type Milling Machine WM5025 Knee-type Milling Machine WM5030 Knee-type Milling Machine WM5032 Knee-type Milling Machine WM5032+ Knee-type Milling Machine WM5032D Knee-type Milling Machine WM5036 Knee-type Milling Machine WM5042 Knee-type Milling Machine WM5746 Knee-type Milling Machine WM5750A Knee-type Milling Machine WM6032D​ Knee-type Milling Machine WM6036 Knee-type Milling Machine WM6125 WM6130 Knee-type Milling Machine WM6132 Knee-type Milling Machine WM6132+ Knee-type Milling Machine WM6136D Knee-type Milling Machine WM6142 Knee-type Milling Machine WM6232B WM6242B 

Bed-type Milling Machine

Bed-type Milling Machine WM713 Bed-type Milling Machine WM715 Bed-type Milling Machine WM5150 Bed-type Milling Machine WM7140 

Universal Tool Milling Machine

Universal Tool Milling Machine WM8126 Universal Tool Milling Machine WM8130A WM8140A Universal Tool Milling Machine WM8132 Universal Tool Milling Machine WM8140 

Bench-type Milling Machiune

Brushless Milling Machine VM18 Brushless Milling Machine VM25 Brushless Milling Machine VM32B Brushless Milling Machine WBM16 Brushless Milling Machine WBM16A Brushless Milling Machine WBM20 Brushless Milling Machine WBM25 Brushless milling machine WBM30 

Direct Drive Brushless Drilling And Milling Machine

Directly drive machine E2 Directly drive milling machine E3 

Drilling Machine

Drill Press

Drill Press TPM6 TPM12 Drill Press WDP13 Spindle Travel 50mm Drill Press WDP14 Φ13mm Drill Press Chuck Capacity 16mm WDP16 Drill Press Spindle Travel 50mm WDP16A Drill Press WDP16E Φ16mm Drill Press WDP16F Φ16mm Drill Press WDP20 Φ20mm Φ25mm Drill Press WDP25 Φ25mm Drill Press WDP25A WEISS Drill Press WDP32 Φ32mm Drill Press WDP32A 

Magnetic Drilling Machine

Magnetic Drilling Machine MBD19 Magnetic Drilling Machine MBD30 

Vertical Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine WD25 Φ25 mm Vertical Drilling Machine WD25A Vertical Drilling Machine Spindle taper MT3 Vertical Drilling Machine WD30 WDM30 Vertical Drilling Machine WD30A WD35A Vertical Drilling Machine WD30F WDM30F Vertical Drilling Machine WD35 Vertical Drilling Machine WD40 Vertical Drilling Machine WD40A WD50A Vertical Drilling Machine WD50 Vertical Drilling Machine WD5025 Vertical Drilling Machine WD5030A WD5035A Vertical Drilling Machine WD5032 Vertical Drilling Machine WD5040 Vertical Drilling Machine WD5040A WD5050A Vertical Drilling Machine WD5050 Vertical Drilling Machine Net weight 830kg Variable speed VM32 drilling milling machine 

Box-type Drilling Machine

Box-type Drilling Machine WD5140 WD5150 Box-type Drilling Machine WD5163 WD5180 

Radial Drilling Machine

Radial Drilling Machine WRD3207 Radial Drilling Machine WRD3207P Radial Drilling WRD4008 / WRD4016 Radial Drilling Machine WRD5012-5020 Radial Drilling WRD6320 WRD8025 Radial Drilling Machine 

Grinding Machine

Bench Grinder

Bench Grinder WG150 WG175 Bench Grinder WG200 WG250 Bench Grinder Machine WG200P Bench Grinder Machine WG200S Bench Grinder WG250P WG350P Bench Grinder Machine WG300 

Belt Grinder

Belt Grinder Belt WBG75 Belt Grinder Belt Speed WBG150 Belt Grinder Belt Speed WPG-76 

Universal Tool Grinding Machine

Tools Grinder DG-13 DG-26 Tools Grinder LTG-M2 LTG-M3 Tools Grinder MG-X3 MG-X5 Tools Grinder MG-X6 MG-X7 Tools Grinder SBG-Q5 SBG-Q6 SBG-Q7 Tools Grinder SBGS280 SBGS350 Tools Grinder UDG-21A UDG-80A Tools Grinder Motor 550W Belt Grinder Machine CG-A4 Belt Grinder CG-F4 CG-F6 Universal Tool Grinding Machine DG-13 DG-26 Universal Tool Grinding Machine LTG-M2 LTG-M3 Universal Tool Grinding Machine MG-X3 MG-X5 Universal Tool Grinding Machine MG-X6 MG-X7 Universal Tool Grinding Machine Universal Tool Grinding Machine SBG-Q5 SBG-Q6 SBG-Q7 Universal Tool Grinding Machine SBG-S280 SBG-S350 Universal Tool Grinding Machine UDG-21A UDG-80A Universal Tool Grinding Machine Dimension Universal Tool Grinding Machine UTG-600 UTG-600F UTG-6025 

Surface Grinding Machine

Surface Grinder M7130 M7132 M7140 Surface Grinder M7130B M7130C Surface Grinder M7140A M7140AX1600 Surface Grinder M7140 AX2200 Surface Grinder M7150 M7160M7163 Surface Grinder M7150A M7150Ax1600 Surface Grinder M7150Ax2200 M7163x1250 Surface Grinder M7150X16 M1760X16 7163X16 Surface Grinder M7150X20 M1760X20 7163X20 Surface Grinder M7163Ax1600 M7163Ax2200 Surface Grinder MSG618A MSG818A Surface Grinder SG-2050H SG-2550AHD Surface Grinder SG-3063AH SG-30100AHD Surface Grinder SG-4080AH SG-40100AHD Surface Grinder SG50100AHR SG50160AHD Surface Grinder SG60120AHR SG60160AHD Surface Grinder SG60160SD SG60220CNC Surface Grinder SG60220AHR SG60220AHD Surface Grinder SG60300SD SG80160CNC Surface Grinder SG80220SD SG80300CNC 

Cylinderical Grinding Machine

Cylinderical grinder machine M1320H Cylinderical grinder Machine M1332B Cylinderical Grinding Machine M1420H F Cylinderical grinder M1350 M1363 Cylinderical grinder M1380 Spindle speed 10~100 stepless (r/min) Cylinderical grinder M1432B Total motor power 9kw Cylinderical grinder Machine M1463 

Sawing Machine

Band Saw Machine

band saw machine WDS-650 Metal Band Saw WBS90 Band Saw Machine WBS115 Band Saw Machine WBS180 Band Saw Machine WBS180A Band Saw Machine WBS205 Band Saw Machine WDS-280A WDS-360A Coolant Pump Band Saw Machine WDS-400 4060 4070 Band Saw Machine WDS-460A WDS-560A Multiple Feed Band Saw Machine WDS-500 Band Saw Machine WDS-550 band saw machine WDS-1000 1200 1300 band saw machine Machine WMS-300 band saw machine WS-220 band saw machine WS-380 band saw machine WS-280I band saw machine WS100G band saw machine WS100GA band saw machine WS125G band saw machine WS150G 

Circular Saw Machine

Circular Saw Machine CS275 CS315 CS350 Circular Saw Machine CS275A CS315A CS350A 

CNC Sawing Machine

CNC Template Sewing Machine Roller Stand 

Metal Forming Machine

3-in-1 Machine


Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine

Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine HB300 Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine LX15-LX18 Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine UB-70 UB-100 Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine W24Y-500 Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine Floding angle Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine WFM1020B WFM1270B Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine WHB1020 WHB1250 Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine WHB1050A Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine WHB1050B 

Shearing Machine

Shearing Machine FS1000 FS1320 Shearing Machine GES-1300 GES-2500A Shearing Machine GS500 GS800 GS1000 The Shearing Machine GS1000A Shearing Machine Capacity HN 4 Shearing Machine Notching Thickness 4 mm Shearing Machine HS-5 HSG-8 Shearing Machine HS1500 HS2000 Shearing Machine Shearing Machine Steel Plate Shearing Machine Strokes per minute Shearing Machine Motor Power Shearing Machine QC12K 4X2000 QC12K 32X3200 Shearing Machine Shearing QC12Y 4x2000 32x3200 Shearing Machine QCY11K 4X2500 QC11K 20X4000 

Roller Machine

Roller machine HR300 Roller Machine PR-1000 ~ PR-2020 Roller W01 0.8x915 ~ W01 0.8x1300 Roller Machine W11 1.2x750 W11 2x1000 Roller Machine W11F 2x1000 W11F 4x1000 Roller Machine W11G 1.2x1530 ~ W11G 2x1000 Roller Machine W11Y-16x2500 W11Y-120x3000 

Iron Worker

Iron Worker Q35Y-12 Q35Y-40 

Guillotine Machine

Guillotine Machine--2 Guillotine Machine --1 Guillotine Machine--3 MHP30 ~ MHP500 

CNC Engraver

Speedy CNC Engraving Machine

Speedy CNC Engraving Machine SD3025SV Speedy CNC Engraving Machine SD2616 Speedy CNC Engraving Machine SD3025MV Speedy CNC Engraving Machine SD4030MV 

Powerful CNC Engraving Machine

Powerful CNC Engraving Machine SD8070 SD2030 

High accuracy CNC Engraving Machine

High accuracy CNC Engraving Machine ST8070 ST1630 High accuracy CNC Engraving Machine ST8070S ST1630S 

Large Format CNC Engraving Machine

Large Format CNC Engraving Machine SV1318 SV2040 Large Format CNC Engraving Machine 

CNC Machine Center

Cylinder CNC Engraver CNC Machine SG1325-SG1360H 

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Engraver Series SL1515 SL2030S Laser Engraver Series--2 SL4030 Laser Engraver Series SL6040 SL1216S VP Series Plasma Cutting Machine VP1515-VP1630 SUDA Plasma Cutting Machine SP1515 SP1630 Cutting Plotter SD360 SD1350 

High Speed Engraving Machine

High Speed Engraving Machine DK1313 DK2030 High Speed Engraving Machine TC1313-TC2030 

Machine Universal Accessories

Lathe Cutter

Cutting Tolls 6PC CUTTING TOOLS Cutting Tolls--4 Cutting Tolls--3 Cutting Tolls--2 9PC 25-32mm CUTTING TOOLS Cutting Tolls 11PC CUTTING TOOLS Cutting Tolls--7 

Machine Vise

Machine Vise BMS80 BMS200 Machine Vise CV80 CV150 Machine Vise MSO80 MS0200 Machine Vise MVA65 - MVA200 Machine Vise MVB 100 200 Machine Vise QV80 QV200 Machine Vise WBV125 WBV200 Machine Vise WHV100 WHV200 Machine Vise WKV100 - WKV200 Machine Vise WOA50 WOA100 Machine Vise WV60 WV100 Machine Vise--11 WV60 WV100 

Rotary Table

Rotary Table LCT185 - LCT600 Rotary Table PCT375-PCT840 Rotary Table RCT225 - RCT660 Rotary Table --4 

3-axis DRO

3-axis DRO--1 3-axis DRO--2 

Quick Change Tool Posts

Quick Change Tool Posts--1 Quick Change Tool Posts--2 Quick Change Tool Posts--4 Quick Change Tool Posts--3 

Milling Chuck And Collets Kit

Milling Chuck And Collets Kit Milling Chuck And Collets Kit--2 

Industrial Material

Welding Wire

Welding wire--1 Submerged Arc Welding wire Stainless steel Welding wire Welding wire welding low carbon Argon arc welding wire Welding wire--5 Welding wire--3 1.2mm mig welding wire 

Shaping Machine

Planing Machine

The Planing Machine WPM35 The Planing Machine WPM50 Planing Machine WPM63 66 85 The Planing Machine WPM100​ Planing Machine WPM100C Maximum planing length 1000 

Slotting Machine

The Slotting Machine WSM18K Slotting Machine WSM20 32 The Slotting Machine WSM50 

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